DIY Workshop

Our traditional Tau Sar Pheah is make fresh and sell fresh, also, there’s an open kitchen for customers to visit the Tau Sar Pheah making process. In addition to the self-made Tau Sar Pheah (4pcs) to take home, each visitor will also receive extra 8pcs of Tau Sar Pheah and a special souvenir in courtesy of the company. This walk in workshop is open daily from 10am till 4pm, except on Sundays and public holidays.

This workshop is open to participants of all ages, and it takes about 40 minutes. In order to allow everyone to fully experience the fun of production process, each session is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. For reservations and more information, kindly contact  04-2298130/ 2298903.

“豆沙饼手工坊”公开予各年龄层人士/小孩参与,为时约40分钟,预约时段为每天从上午10时至下午4时,除了星期日及公共假期。参与者可将亲手制作的4粒豆沙饼带回家,每人还可获得精美礼品一份及另附送8粒豆沙饼,收费为每人RM15.90。 我们公司的特色之一是拥有开放式的厨房,让顾客观看豆沙饼的制作过程。为了让每个参与者可充分体验亲手制作豆沙饼过程,每个时段最多只限25人参与。因此,人数多者须预先约定,电话:04-229 8130 / 229 8903。我们真诚的期待您的光临,具体到达时间、出席人数,请予以确认,以便我方安排具体招待事宜。